Western Fall National Holstein Show

Generations of Tradition

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An Industry with Heart

So many in the dairy industry have sweet remembrances of the time in their life “when someone gave them a calf.”

Help these memories continue for the next generation and consider supporting the Western Fall National Show with a monetary contribution.


We appreciate your support!

The dairy industry is comprised of some of the hardest-working, most dedicated people on Earth. We are proud to say all sponsor show donations go directly back to the exhibitors themselves as premiums to support the tradition and their passion.


2019 Outcomes

...A great success with cattle exhibited from six western states (California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah and Arizona). We had well over 100 head shown in very competitive, high quality classes.
— Steve Maddox of RuAnn Genetics
Western Fall National 2019 Grand Champion

Ruann Doorman Jean-55162-ET owned by RuAnn Genetics

Western Fall National Holstein Show 2019 Grand Champion


Marketing Incentive

All-American Nomination endorsed show. See entry details. 2019 show date is August 31st!

Recognition will be made early, often and in-print as a token of our appreciation for our sponsor contributions.
— Western Fall National Show Committee

Premier Breeder and Exhibitor was Pappy’s Farms.

Awards sponsored by Jefo Dairy Programs.

2019 Results

Coverage by Cowsmo

Western Fall National Junior Champion R&W

Scenic-Edge Jordan-Red owned by Arizona Dairy Co.

Western Fall National R&W Holstein Show 2019 Junior Champion